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Mending Money By Argy's

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Mending: The forgotten key to circular fashion!

Mending has become a lost art of the generations that have gone before us. The grandmothers who would keep a tin of buttons, needles and threads stuffed at the top of their linen closets. Or maybe a small hobby machine in the garage. This generation were thrifty and valued their clothes. So when tears or a holes appeared they took the time to sit and mend it. Now days we see a hole and our first instinct is to toss or maybe use it as a rag to clean the windows before it makes its final destination to landfill.

Between the overflow of cheap clothes on the market, busy schedules, and a lack of sewing education, mending has become a lost art. A lost art that has the ability to slow down consumption and make clothes last longer. As Orsola De Castro writes in Loved Clothes Last (now available as a ‘pay what you can’ digital download) "the most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe."

Which is why this year for Christmas gifting Argy's Tailoring and Alterations is offering "Mending Money" the gift of sustainable fashion. These can be set to any money value and can be used for any alterations, mending or upcycling of garments. We have introduced this in an attempt to challenge our consumption culture that is in overdrive leading up to Christmas and slow down our relationship with fashion. It also aligns with our values here at Argy's to make mending mainstream!

Now available in store AND on our website online!

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